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Porting a Landline Telephone Number

Over the past few years I have “toyed” with the idea of porting (transferring) my telphone landline to an alternate carrier.  4 weeks ago I decided to take the plunge.  While the frustrations associated with the transition have been quite tiresome, I have learned a lot about the experience and hope to help guide some blog viewers via some of the things I learned during the porting process.


  • Gather your most recent telephone bill showing the telephone line that you are looking to port out.
  • Ask the new carrier for a “Letter of Authorization” form.  You should fill out this form in its entirety and, if you are a signer on your existing account, sign the form.  If you are not a signer on the account, you must have an authorized individual sign the document.
  • If you are porting more than one number (like I am), then you will need to list all of the numbers on the form.
  • Ensure that you know what the “billing” telephone number for the account that you are switching from. This information will be required on the form too.
  • Be sure the have the EXACT billing address for the current carrier (required on the form).
  • Be sure the have the EXACT company name for the current carrier (required on the form).

Once you have all of the information as provided/stated above, you should make the formal request with your new carrier (I am switching to Ring Central).  Ring Central allows me to make the application online and then submit supporting documentation via upload or fax.  Supporting documentation, in my case, includes a copy of the last bill and a signed/dated Letter of Authorization.

Assuming you perform the above without error, you have a chance of porting your numbers within 15-20 days.  If there are any hiccups (on your end, on the originating carriers end or on the new company’s end) you may be in for an experience lasting longer than you’d like.  It could take weeks or even months to straighten out porting requests (a friend of mine with a property/casualty insurance business waited almost 2 months to get his numbers ported).

While the process may be long, it is always a good idea to have as much control over your telephone numbers as possible.  In my case, the phone system entering our office is provided by a T1 line.  If I move to an alternate location, or if I choose to make special changes to my lines, I may have difficulties.  By switching carriers (to Ring Central) I am setting myself up to rarely (or possibly never) miss a call and to maximize the flexibility I require with my phone system.

Porting a landline telephone number does not take rocket science BUT it does take accuracy and, in some cases, a lot of patience.  I hope the information above helps you in the event you decide to port your number(s) from your existing landline telephone carrier.

Rick Schuster

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