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How to Write and Self Publish a Book

How to Write and Self Publish a Book

Have you ever wanted to write a book but have no idea how to make it available for the world to see?  In this post, I am going to show you how to write and self publish a book AND make it available on Amazon.com.

Please know that I am not an expert in book publishing; however, I just recently finished my first Children’s Chapter Book, focused on teamwork, and I can definitively tell you that the book publishing process is simple — it just takes a little time and lots of patience.  The method I am going to review is not limited to Fiction, it can be used for Non-Fiction as well.  It it structured toward a self publishing company called CreateSpace.com (an Amazon company).

1.  Write your manuscript.  I suggest furiously typing your story/book and NOT paying attention to punctiation at this time as it will disrupt your imaginative flow.  Upon completion, determine how you are going to copyright the material.  Copyright information is readily available on the internet.

2.  Open an account at a self publishing company.  As previously mentioned, I use CreateSpace.com.  But others are around too (i.e. – Lulu.com).
The Magical World of Almagor
3.  Choose a “trim size” for your book.  The trim size is the actual size of the finished product.  You will want to read the details relating to trim sizes at the various self publishing companies as the size may determine the distribution options available to you.

4.  Download a template of the trim size you choose (Word format).  On createspace.com, this is readily available to you.  Cut and paste your book/manuscript into the template.

5.  Upload the template/file to your CreateSpace.com account.  Do this after carefully reviewing and editing your book (several times).

6.  Determine the number of pages in your book and create a cover based on the CreateSpace.com requirements.  There are PDF templates available to create your cover.  The cover should consist of the Front, Spine and Back.  You will not need to insert an ISBN as this is automatically done by CreateSpace.com.  Templates for the cover can be found at the CreateSpace.com website.

7.  Order an ISBN.  You can do this through CreateSpace.com or you can do it outside of them.  I used them as it was free.

8.  Order a proof of your book.

9.   Review the proof.  I suggest proofing a hard copy of the book vs. a digital copy as the hard copy will be “WYSIWYG”.

10.  If the proof is acceptable, finalize the book in CreateSpace.com and choose your distribution channels.  The book will be available on Amazon.com in a few short days.

This information is very general but gives you the basics on how to write and self publish a book.

After you self publish, send me a link and let me know you’ve completed your work of art!  If you’d like to read my work of art, which happens to be geared toward 6-12 year old children, please visit myAmazon.com page by clicking here:  The Magical World of Almagor.

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