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Remember 9-11 Everyday – Not Just Yesterday!

Remember 9-11 Everyday – Not Just Yesterday!
9-11 effected everyone I know in one way or another.  Whether it was the loss of a loved one, relocation from NYC or the loss of a job.  One thing is certain — yesterday the media and the government went ALL OUT in remembering the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy.  My parents, who usually go to bed between 10:00-11:00 and are in their 70s, stayed awake watching MSNBC’s various 9-11 tributes until 2:00 AM (from 9-10 into 9-11).  Our President and Former President gave speeches while Tony Blair remembered overseas as well.  Some large companies even got involved with special commercials (State Farm and Verizon had escpecially great commercials).  And, did you see the National Anthem performed by Queen Latifa (spelling?) at the US Open Women’s Finals — AWESOME!  In reflecting upon yesterday’s tributes I’d say they were fantastic!

Unfortunately the immense feeling of patriotism I’m felling may not last much past today or tomorrow.  The constant bickering in congress, disputes over the government’s credit rating, the forthcoming national election, the “jobs” bill, etc. create unnecessary distractions to the citizens of our country.  While constructive healty debate is necessary in our country, our “leaders” in congress have gone way too far and have ZERO respect for the office of the presidency (let alone their constituency).

Can you imagine if there was this type of infighting at the NAR?  Would we ever have any calls to action or would our leaders not be able to agree on what to support?

I am sure that America will always remember 9-11.  I am certain that the citizens of the United States are hungry to feel the patriatism EVERY DAY as it was felt yesterday.  It’s now time for the congressional leaders to set the standand, show that they are able to work with one another and achieve a common goal — to again make America the most well respected country in the world.

One thing’s for sure — if the people who put together the 9-11 ceremonies did not work well with one another then there would not have been the fabulous tributes we all experienced yesterday.

Remember 9-11 Everyday – Not Just Yesterday!

Rick Schuster

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