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Do you Have to be Old to Get Along in Politics?

This morning, as usual, I tuned into the Today Show.  While brushing my teeth I learned that the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is going to be contributing an additional 1MM+ Dollars toward the rebuilding efforts in Haiti.  This Clinton Bushcontribution is in addition to the 24MM they’ve already raised!

Isn’t it interesting that two former Presidents on “opposite sides of the aisle” are able to work with one another toward achieving a common goal?  Why can’t our current elected officials work with one another to achieve a common goal?  What’s wrong with the system?

Case in point 1:  This morning CNN reported on their home page “Politicians Bicker over FEMA”.  Aparently their is the liklihood that Congress may make it a little difficult for the East Coast of the United States to recover from Hurricane Irene.  Maybe the US should change its name to the “Un-United States”.

Case in point 2:  The actions leading to the downgrade of the United States credit rating can be directly related to the inability of our “leaders” in congress to arrive at a fair and reasonable compromise within a set time-frame.  This downgrade is 100% their fault.  You and I get the priveledge of paying for the inability of Congress to act as leaders.  Hurray!

Some people really look up to and respect our past Presidents while other’s aren’t so crazy about them.  One thing is for sure however, they are acting like leaders and working WITH each other toward achieving a common mission — our elected officials should do the same!

Do you just have to be old (or retired) to get along in politics?  Is Congress really making us look to the rest of the world as the “Un-United” States of America? 

Rick Schuster

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