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If Your Kids Find Themselves Stuck, ask them to “Google It”

My kids, all under 12 years old, ask me lots of questions every day.  While I never want to discourage them from being inquisitive, the constant questioning can be tiresome at times.

About 2 months ago my 11 year old asked me a question (which I can’t recall at this time).  I remember, however, that the question was not necessary as I thought he already knew the answer and was just trying to create conversation.  So, without event thinking about it I asked him, “Why don’t you Google it?”

“Extra computer time — YES!” must have been racing through his brain.  He immediately went over to the computer and proceeded to type in his question(s) to Google which promptly spit out applicable search results in accordance with his query.

“So easy even an 11 year old can do it,” I thougt.  Now I have my 9 year old doing the same thing.

I am hoping that the empowerment I am giving them by becoming their own problem/question solver(s) will help them thoughout their eductional journies.

Oh, by the way, I remain as fortunate as ever — they still ask plenty of questions and there’s still lots to talk about at the dinner table!

Rick Schuster

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