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7 People I Admire Most

Who do I admire most?  Hmmm, let me see, there are so many people in this world whom I admire.  I think I’ll focus on the people closest to me and re-visit the “WAN” (wide area network) of people around the country/world whom I admire in a later post.

So, here’s the short list:

1.  My parents – thanks for your guidance, support, education and training throughout the years.  Your dedication to our family is exlemplary

2.  My brother Randy (http://www.coordinatedplan.com) – your success minded attitude is contagous — you challenge those around you to work at maximum capacity.

3.  My office partner, Michael Gordon (The Gordon Agency – http://www.tgafl.com/)- your ethics, ideas, business model, sincerity, family values and genuine likability is/are astounding.  Not sure how you balance it all.  I’ve learned a lot through your actions over the past 10 years.  Thank you.

4.   My employees (http://www.homeguardiantitle.com) – during the econimic downturn you “kicked it up a notch”.  Your dedication to the growth of the Title Insurance Company has made the processing of 500+ short sales possible.  Thanks, again, for your efforts.

5.  My Life coach, Glenn Wachler (http://www.ultexp.com/) – I enjoy my periodic calls with you Glenn.  Your direction and balance a unparalleled.  You provide tremendous value to my life.

6.  The Leadership Boca Class of 2011 (http://www.bocaratonchamber.com) – Cheers to my fellow classmates who aspire to be the future leaders of Boca Raton, FL.  Your dedication to the business community in our city is inspiring. While technically there are 41 of us, let’s consider us as one entity/person.

7.  Last, and certainly not least, my wife Jayme – putting up with my “workaholic” personality while chasing after 3 kids is astounding.  I’m not sure how you do it all — from cutting the grass (yes, I just said that) to ironing my shirts and everything in between, you’re the greatest.  Thanks.

While I’m sure that I have left several people off my “short list”, these are the people who come to mind first.   Sorry to anyone I left out.  

I’d like to hear who you admire.  Fire me an email (rick@rickhschuster.com) or comment on this blog.

Rick Schuster

Licensed Real Estate Broker – Jaycee Realty, Inc.
Licensed Title Insurance Agent – Home Guardian Title, Inc.
Licensed Mortgage Broker – Leading Edge Mortgage Corp

20283 State Road 7 – Ste 400
Boca Raton, FL 33498

561-206-2835 – via Google Voice
561-988-2546 -Fax

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  1. August 15, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks Rick, it is a two way street.

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