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Video Marketing Vs. Video Sales

I attended a seminar at the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches yesterday afternoon. The topic of the day was Video Marketing Vs. Video Sales.

The instructor began his presentation by stating that if a Realtor prepares a virtual tour, the tour becomes one of over a million virtual tours to view for the consumer(s) and the one that the Realtor prepares will only get lost amongst the vast sea of Virtual Tours available for viewing in cyberland.

The instructor was quick in reminding the group that Buyers REALLY likes to see virtual tours so they can wrap their arms around a property, while the Seller appreciates the tours as they feel they help in showcasing their property.

So, as a professional real estate agent one should, for the sake of the consumer (both Seller and Buyer), create the virtual tour. But, how do you differentiate your tour from the others?

At this point in the presentation the instructor reminded the audience that the intent in any sales transaction (real estate related or otherwise) is to create, establish and maintain relationships. He then suggested that a Realtor may differentiate their virtual tour and begin the process of relationship building via a virtual tour based on sales vs. one that is merely marketing based.

Here are a few of the differences between a marketing piece and a sales piece:

1. A virtual tour based on marketing may have video or pictures with some music in the background. This type of tour can certainly “tell a story” but can be very bland and even boring at times. A sales driven virtual tour may have an opening or closing credit, a company logo or even a voice over. The video may be narrated by the Realtor and could even tell a short story about the property. Obviously, the “star” of the sales piece is the Realtor who the consumer will, no doubt, get to know during the short presentation thereby beginning the establishment of a relationship.

2. A sales driven virtual tour may contain pictures or video of the real estate professional who created the presentation. Most of the time a generic virtual tour may contain, at most, 1 picture of the Realtor.

3. My favorite — a sales driven tour may contain video from a location based outside of the home being marketed — i.e. a local restaurant. In the video the Realtor is being broadcast to talk about the local area. He or she may talk about the restaurant, take video of the surrounding areas and then fade into images and video of the subject home which can be easily tied into a sales presentation narrated by the Realtor.

My intent has been to capsulize the 1 hour presentation into about 400 words. While my brief summary of the seminar does not cover all the topics the instructor discussed, you can tell that the information discussed and ideas presented can have a drastic impact on the videos which any Realtor is currently producing. I encourage anyone interested in preparing future videos or virtual tours to consider the differences between a marketing video and a sales video.

Rick Schuster

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