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Please Don’t Trip Me While I am Showing Your Listing

Over this past weekend the Miami Dolphins played football against the New York Jets. As you may have heard, a Dolphins player (Nolan Carroll) was attempting to make a play down field and needed to “run along the sideline” in order to get to his target. Along the way a Jets coach (Sal Alosi) “allegedly” stuck out his foot and tripped the Dolphins player. Now, the NFL and the New York Jets are reviewing the incident.


This incident got me thinking. What if I was entering a home that you had listed and you tripped me upon entering the home? What would I do? I wouldn’t be able to be “helped off the field” like the Dolphins player! I wouldn’t have a backup Realtor able to take my place at the showing! I would have, however, grounds for a lawsuit and I would probably have a pretty valid Ethics complaint against Mr. Alosi.

Is the $25,000 penalty imposed by the team to the coach along with a suspension for the rest of the season an appropriate enough response to this outrageous event?

I don’t think so. In fact, I think that the coach should be made an example of and fired! Period! Maybe this will dissuade idiotic incidences like this one to occur in the future. I also think that Nolan Carroll should press charges for assault/battery against the coach. While I understand that this is football and is a rough and tough sport, but isn’t real estate mentally rough and tough at times? We don’t go around tripping fellow professionals. If we did, we’d be prosecuted immediately. We’d also, very conceivably, could lose our Real Estate License. What makes this coach any different than us? The fact that he’s a rough and tough strength and conditioning coach for an NFL team?

In this day and age, I’m surprised that there are not more idiotic incidences like the one I saw on Sunday or like the hypothetical I presented above. Maybe, over time, the NFL will consider its options and remove this guy from the league. But until then, and until Nolan Carroll presses charges and prosecutes this “turkey” to the fullest extent of the law, a great injustice is being served.

To Sal Alosi, the coach who “allegedly” performed the tripping act, you are nothing more than a big bully. Haven’t you graduated from elementary school yet?

Rick Schuster

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