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Can a Signature Line in an Email Disable the Delivery of the Message?

Around 2 years ago I determined that I have too many email addresses and I needed a place to be able to view them ALL in one convenient location.  I pondered Microsoft Outlook (which I was using at the time) but decided that I could not “access it from everywhere” like you could with webmail.  It was also, at the time, cumbersome with regards to wireless connectivity with a Blackberry device.

After viewing several different services, I settled on gmail (Google’s Version of Email) because of the Google Documents suite of applications provided by the them.

Overall, I really like gmail, especially the ability to create canned responses (via Google Labs) which can be used as signatures.  I also like the ability to easily create comprehensive signatures tailored to your specific email account (yes, I realize every major email service provides the ability the create signatures).

I’ve learned, however, over the course of the past 24 months that you need to be cognizant of what you include in your signature line.  For instance, I used to have 10 lines of information in my signature line as well as pictures and numerous hyperlinks.  All in all, my email had around 10 links.  I had a link directing people to my Real Estate Company website, Title Company site, Mortgage site, blog, WordPress, etc.  While it was laid out very well and I actually received several positive comments on the thoroughness of the signature line, I found that several internet service providers (ISPs) blocked my outgoing mail because of the number of hyperlinks.  Comcast, for instance, only allowed me, via Gmail, to have 2 hyperlinks, while Hotmail was similarly restrictive.  AOL had its threshhold and Yahoo! their’s.

I was getting quite frustrated because each of the ISPs has its own criteria and staying within each threshold is challenging (to say the least).

My workaround is that I continue to put in the link information into the signature line without the hyperlink associations.  While the workaround appears to look like the original, it is not the same as the original as people now have to cut/paste in order to follow the link.  I am definitely not receiving as many comments regarding the signature lines as I once was.

The moral of the story is that while technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the processes used to “tame” the email functionality of our society is still in the wild, wild, west as there is little to no conformity between the ISPs and their respective SPAM Filters.

This lack of conformity almost sounds like the lack of conformity between lenders in the short sale process.  Doesn’t it?

Rick Schuster
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Licensed Mortgage Broker – Leading Edge Mortgage Corp 

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