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Oh No, My Power Went Out —- Now What?

When I pulled into the driveway at 10:30 this morning after 2.5 hours of tennis, I realized that the garage door remote control was not working.  Thinking that the switch in the garage may have been flipped off by one of my kids, I let myself into the house via the front door where I quickly learned that the power was out not only in the house but in the entire neighborhood!

Immediately, I began to think of all the things I “needed” to do today which required electricity:

1.  Fix the light fixture in the bathroom
2.  Trim the trees/bushes with the electric chain saw
3.  Help my son with his project on the desktop computer  (due tomorrow)
4.  Work on our title company 2011 vision plan
5.  Visit Active Rain
6.  Watch the Dolphins lose to the Browns

I think that you get the point.  There was a lot to do today and I was afraid that the lack of electricity would cause my day to be a “lost” day.  If I didn’t get these things done terrible things would happen to my life —- right?

Thankfully, the power was not out for long and I was able to accomplish much of the list above and quite a bit more as well (we cleaned the cars and the garage as well).

I must tell you, however, that during the time that the power was out —- it was awesome.  I was no longer “plugged in” (I left my Blackberry in its holster in my office).  I did not feel that I had to check email every so often.  I did not feel trapped by technology and forced to do things “it’s way”.  I was relaxed, focused and got a lot of stuff done (ala the garage and cars).

Maybe it was a good thing that the power was off — it’s gotten me to remember that electricity is a convenience that we’re so used to we just take it for granted and every once in a while it’s good to be reminded that life can go on without certain conveniences.

(At lease for a few hours while the power is out!)

Rick Schuster

Licensed Real Estate Broker – Jaycee Realty, Inc.
Licensed Title Insurance Agent – Home Guardian Title, Inc.
Licensed Mortgage Broker – Leading Edge Mortgage Corp

20283 State Road 7 – Ste 400
Boca Raton, FL 33498561-206-2835 – via Google Voice
561-988-2546 -Fax

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