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What if You Got a Trophy Every Time you Sold a House?

What if You Got a Trophy Every Time you Sold a House?

Two weeks ago my 4-year-old daughter played in her last T-Ball game of the season.  After the game, each member of each team in the league received a trophy for their participation.  How cool is that?  I remember that when I was growing up we only received a trophy when we finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a competitive type environment.  Now-a-days the political correctness of our society has enabled our youth to “expect” a trophy at the end of each season.  I know this because this is her 4th trophy she’s received thus far for her participation in a sport.

TBall Picture after last game of season

Please allow me to rewind to 1 week before Emily’s final game.  “Dad, do I get a trophy next week?”

“Yes”, I replied.  And I also replied, “Yes” on no less than 5 other occasions that week and got to hear her talk about how she was going to receive a trophy after her last game several additional times.  Have I mentioned that she was very excited about the trophy she was going to receive?

This excitement got me to thinking — What if You Got a Trophy Every Time you Sold a House? Put aside the fact that your compensation (commission) could, in theory, act as a trophy.  What if, however, you received a tolken of success as the result of your efforts —- A Trophy.  Would you work any differently?  Would you work any harder?  What if the trophy was in the form of a certificate that you could hang on the wall?  What if all the other realtors (your competitors) were hanging their certificates in a prominent location for all potential customers to see?  What if you received a special designation such as the “20 Home Trophy Club if you were to sell 20 homes in a year?” Or how about 500 Homes in a Career?

Obviously this type of internal quasi competition can be put into action by anyone.  You can set your own goals.  You can even go out and buy some trophies for yourself and display them prominently in your office every time you sell a home.  Whatever it takes to motivate yourself — don’t be shy — go ahead.  But, one word of caution, don’t lie to yourself.  You can’t take claim to a trophy if you don’t earn it!  Once you lie to yourself, you fail!

To all the kids and adults alike, have fun — enjoy life and enjoy work.  Go out and celebrate, earn a trophy!

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